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Model NO. DMD001
Description USB SD MMC Card
Price: US$8.5 + Flash ( ref: US$7.3/128mb US$13.07/256mb US$ 25.89/512mb, US$53.02/1GB )
Features Standard USB disk drive
Standard SD/MMC mobile storage card
Least USB Pen drive 2.1mm thickness only
Can be used in DC/Mobile Phone/PDA/PMP/PMC and etc

Specs Standard SD/MMC card Size (32*24* 2.1mm )
Samsung A+ class Flash chip
Standard USB 2.0 speed, (R/W: 9.5M / 8.5M /s)
SD card speed 80X
2.1mm thickness, thinnest USB disk ever seen
Capacity: from 64M to 1G
Packing single plastic box packing with blister outer pack
Certification CE, FCC
Delivery within 7 days
Payment Terms Full T/T Advance payment
Guarantee One year warranty, freight charges to be born by both party if any defects and returns
Sample Charges: US$10 + flash per piece with minimum order of 50 pcs
Model Number
Terms of Payment