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AHA220 series are one of type of terminal telecom products of voice transmission communications based on internet, which is different from ordinary phones on transmission way. Their voice transmitting on the internet, but also can make communication between computer and immobile phone by gateway's connecting internet and PSTN network come ture. These products fit for dial-up internet access, broadband network, local network and so on. Especially use them to connect with families and companies, or foreign affair offices, friends everywhere in the world. or use them to communicate with each other in one's local network.

Free for communication charge between two USB network phone anywhere in the world.
Dial the international long-distance call can save the charge over 95%.

USB port makes connecting easily and plug and play instant.
For USB only if computer is linked to network.
Provide clear and smooth voice, no delay or echo.
Only one ID Number all over the world. Database search function.
Get through any private network and firwalls and connect quickly.
Online eternally, convenient for receving and hearing.
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pollux / OEM
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