Sell USB Video Electron Microscope Pen

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Hand-held magnifying glass for a digital pen slender cylindrical, 140 mm,
diameter 12 mm, the front-end built-in miniature camera devices and LED
lighting, the surface of installed camera key, the computer through the USB line
to connect to without having a dedicated power supply . Using micro-image
sensor, combined with our patented technology of multi-focusing device, the
camera, lighting, focus and multi-functional combination of connectors in a
compact pen-like thin space and equipped with multi-mirror, mirror, focusing
ring, focus the size of enclosures, as well as stents and other exquisite.
Fashion is the most innovative features and digital products.
Can zoom in a fixed 40 times
Configurations: Stent
Image resolution: 640 * 480 (VGA)
Focus distance: 10 mm to infinity can be continuously adjusted
Built-in LED lighting
Scanning frequency: 30fps
Computer Interface: USB2.0
Camera pen Size: length 145 millimeters in diameter 12 mm
The product has a clear image was observed and photographed at the same time, the structure of compact, easy to use, the characteristics of beautiful appearance; the products are used in finance,
taxation, stamp collecting, welding, textiles, dyeing and printing, metering, photography, advertising , painting identification, observation of the electronics industry notes, tickets, mail, currency, and printed paper card network. Can be quickly and accurately identify the money, very high resolution.
For jewelry industry, observed the internal structure of precious stones, waiting out the molecular cross-section, and specimens of minerals, the analysis of cultural identification. For the printing industry and can be used for enhancement version, color correction and networks, while the extension of observation, accurate measurement of wire can shake head, point size, set the error and so on; for the textile industry, cloth fibers and can be observed density and analysis; for the electronics industry, printed circuit board copper can be observed alignment plate platinum stripes and quality of the model components and so on; for agriculture, forestry, food, and other departments of the bacteria, the observation and study of insects. Can also be used for animal and plant specimens, the public security departments in the identification and analysis of evidence, science experiment research tool industry.
Observed at the same time to take photos or video, data can be transmitted through the Internet.