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1) Support Skype, MSN Messenger, Tencent QQ and other internet telephone platforms.
2) Initiate to tie up the Skype speed-dialing function: The Skype speed dialing can be started when the user dial the ordinary calls in the common way.
3) The user can use Skype to call the moblie and fixed telephone (including long distance calls and local calls) by dialing the number in the common way.
4) Dial and receive the call though internet by the common telephone.
5) Build-in USB sound card and adopt DSP techniques to reduce the noise and cancell the echo effectively.
6) Ring prompt no matter the incoming call is from USB internate or PSTN ordinary calls.
7) Support DECT, 2.4G, 900M and other wireless telephone, and realize long distance wireless Skype function.
8) Automatic phone route function: it can testing and switch between USB route and PSTN line automatically.
9) Three parties communication function; can use USB route and PSTN route at the same time, and dial **0 to switch the between USB route and PSTN route.
10) Indiator Light prompts the current route status.
11) Realize the communication of PC-to-PC, PC-to-PSTN, PSTN-to-PSTN
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