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1) Combine the advanced filtering technology, The air after going through the preliminary

net , killing net , active carbon net and photo accelerant will become fresher

2) To use the photo accelerant technology will effectively decompose formaldehyde and

beneze etc poisonous gases just after decorating , The poisonous gases will change into

water , Without the secondary pollutions.

3) The efficient sterilizing area takes the American and European patent technology

positive and negative high voltage to kill the bacteria , dust collecting etc. The positive

and negative electric field will exchange the energy and it will break the bacteria and the

structure of virus within the electric field when the electron transferring . Killing

the single and multi-ply bacteria cells and the killing rate is above 98%.

4) The active carbon super absorbing and removing smells ability: Efficient active carbon

net sponge is just like the sea alga will instantly remove the the smoke in the room ,

formaldehyde , ammonia, carbon monoxide etc, In the meanwhile , will absorb the dusts

5) Negetive ions freshening and cleaning functions, 10million negative oxygen vitamin

advances metabolism , accelerates peoples immunity . In the body , Vitamins is indispensable ,

Otherwise it will come to metabolization foul-up or get silk. Also the ionizer of vitamins

in the air is indispensable , The scientists make it as a standard with the air quality of the

content of ionizer inside .

6) Exclusive metalic outlooking shows its individuality , Innovative telescopic wires is

contracted but not simple. French nature plants elite spa with the odours can be changeable .