Sell USD 50 4Fxs Voip Gateway - KTA3100

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Lowest cost and richest function. Multiple ports gateway, 1 LAN(100M) , 4FXS. Full SIP feature. Suitable for call shop use and 10-40 staff enterprises.

KTA3100 is specially designed for public call shop and min-sized industries with 10 to 40 staff. Its main feature is using 4 FXS ports to deal with VoIP traffic to lower the calling fees to a great extend. It supports mature SIP features and it even supports FAX! All these undoubtedly contribute to its commercial-grade applications. The 4 FXS ports of KTA3110 could be configured with different accounts and work independently. Its IP inbound relay function enable enterprises to use it together with PBX. It offers polarity revise function thus it can be applied in call shops.


Competive Features:
Enables PBX connection to VoIP Services
SIP protocol
For office use
4 FXS ports
Ethernet ports: ONE* 100 Base-T Ethernet port
Functions: Caller ID transfer, Call forwarding: Busy, No answer, Volume adjust, Ringer selection by caller ID
Support features: Call hold/Retrieve, Call waiting, Call transfer, 3-way calling, Split 3-way calling, T.38 fax, Do Not Disturb
Support IP inbound relay function(4 port use 1 account for incoming call)
Support billing machine and get CDR
Size: 236 *140*318mm (L* W *H)
Model Number