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Zhaoxing UV board is a moistureproof board which adopts European E1 standard, most outstanding UV painting in the modern world, top equipment made in Germany and advanced Janpanese technology. Its made from Roll Coating, drenched coating and the UV curing after many times. It takes the place of the baked painting board, crystal board, compression board, etc.
P roduct characteristics:
1. Clean easily
UV has high solidified content, when solidifying, its filmed over 99.6%. Due to the way of drenched coating, the coating film is uniform , neatly and clean easily.
2. Abrasive Resistance
The hardness of Zhaoxing UV board is over 3H, it has high surface hardness and good wear resistance. Super-resistance layering is over 100000 times, but the film of UV board is not worn and the color is more beautiful.
3. High Temperature
UV painting have structural stability, good heat resistance and not softened.
4. Corrosion Resistance
UV painting has good acid and basic resistance, good chemical corrosion resistance so that it isnt damaged by some alcohols, sauce, vinegar, etc.
5. Environmental Protection
(1) The raw board is adopted moisture-proof fiberboard, density is reaching 85 degrees, Environmental indicators is 0.18mg/L, National Standards is 0.15mg/L, European standards is 0.9mg/L, the board is reached European E1 standard.
(2) UV painting is a green paint which is imported and non-volatile solvents, it is non-toxic and tasteless. It hasnt volatile chemicals harmful to the human body, such as formaldehyde, toluene, dimethylbenzene, etc.
(3) It is solidified by UV and its environmrntal solidify.