Sell UV-C air sterilizer

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Ultra violet (ultraviolet)
Model :LSUV-2300 (14W x 2, Lamp/quartz sleeve Length:300mm)
Model :LSUV-2500 (24W x 2, Lamp/quartz sleeve Length:500mm)
Model :LSUV-2670 (32W x 2, Lamp/quartz sleeve Length:670mm)
Model :LSUV-2895 (39W x 2, Lamp/quartz sleeve Length:895mm)

Specification :
1. Voltage available :100~120V, 220~240V, 50/60HZ
2. UV Germicidal lamp ( Lamp Option:1~2 lamps )
Lamps available : 14W, 24W, 32W, 39W
3. Quartz sleeve
4. Electronic Ballast
5. Control Box material : Painted steel board
6. Control Box size : 22 x 8 x 35cm
7. Lamp failure warning system: Visual LED indicator
8. Lamp average life : 9,000 hours

Features :
1. Use high quality hard quartz material lamp and
sleeve to keep high output of 253.7nm.
2. Easy installation and maintenance.
3. Long service life save your money.
4. Visual LED indicator for lamp failure.
5. Easy lamp replacement and maintenance.
6. Able to reduce cleaning, maintenance of air
conditioning system and protect operators from infection
and save your money.
7. Able to kill 99.9% mold, germ, bacteria and virus. Helps
to reduce airborne infection chances and allergies.
8. Remove odor and refresh air.