Sell UV Tester UV checker LST-5002

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Model No. : LST-5002

Product name: Solar Energy Tester, Sun UV Index Tester, Solar Energy Monitor, Sun Tester, Sun Monitor


1. Solar Energy tester can check sun UV radiation low, middle, High or highest level.

2. The center area of the solar energy tester can change colors according to sun UV radiation, higher the sun UV radiation, deeper the color change, compare the color change to the 4 standard colors(low, mid, high, highest) around and you can see low, mid, high or highest level of solar energy or sun UV radiation.

a. Feeble intensity: UV index 1-2 (the protection is not necessary)

b. Mid intensity: UV index 3-5 (is necessary the protection: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat for sun protection.

c. High intensity: UV index 6-7 (is necessary the protection: put a t-shirt, sun glasses, hat for sun protection)

d. Very high / Extreme in tensity: UV index 8-9-10 / 11+ (avoid to be outdoors)

3. This product is very good marketing premium for solar energy equipment & Cosmetics industry. You can use it to check sun energy and sun UV radiation to decide if you can use the solar energy equipment and make sure you can use solar energy equipment in proper way and take anti-UV action in outdoor activities.
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