Sell UV Toothbrush sterilizer 103A

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Products explain:The product use the cold cathode ultraviolet tube. The ultraviolet ray of 253.7 nms which send out by the tube can be easily absorbed by the protein and nucleic acid of germs and virus. It will destructed the DNA structure of the protein and nucleic acid and cause the germs and virus dead. There are more than 18 kinds of germs and virus can be killed in this way. for example: The escherichia coli, bacillus, escherichia, klugvera, m. tuberculosis, neisseria, salmonella, aspergillus. niger, penicillium, mucoralas, stool funmgus, hepatitis virus, influenza virus, policvirus etc. . A, operation guide 1, before use, please fix the product to wall by screws or the sticker (attachments) . 2, open the battery cover, put six AA batteries in. 3, open the front cover and put the toothbrushes in. 4, close the front cover, the power will on automatically, and beginning disinfection. 5, the disinfection will stop automatically around 3 to 4 minutes after. B, technique parameters 1, standard: China National standard 2, power voltage: AC100~230V 3, working time: 3~4 minutes 4, current: <=120 mA 5, working temperature: -10 ~ 50 0 6, tube life: >=3000 hours C, attention 1, please avoid open the front cover and switch on the light for time. The light will be harmful to your eyes and skin. 2, If long time no use, please open and close the front cover several times. 3, please avoid water flush to the tube. 4, Please choose to use the high-quality level batteries, when the indicator light on, and the tube light off, please change batteries.