Sell UV Water Sterilizer

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Specification :
For clean water : 1.5Gpm/6Lpm
For DI or RO water : 2GPM/8Lpm
Lamp model & nos. : UVC-D287T5 14W x 1
Ballast: 14W x 1 (Option:Traditional or Electronic type)
Dimension : 64mm x 340mm
Voltage : 100V~120V, 200V~240V, 50/60HZ
Inlet/Outlet size : 1/4" NPT
Max. working pressure : 125PSI
Chamber/Housing : 304 stainless steel
Quartz Sleeve : SQ230330
Lamp failure warning system : Visual LED indicator + Audible alarm(option)
Lamp average life : 9,000 hours

Features :
1. Polished stainless steel reactor chamber
2. Quartz Lamp and Sleeve
3. Quick and simple installation
4. Most natural way to protect your water safely.
5. Easy lamp replacement and maintaince
6. Without adding any chemical complexes nor change
the taste of odor of the water and does not remove
any beneficial minerals in the water.
7. Able to kill 99.9% destruction of bacteria and virus
under standard water quality and flow.
8. Application wide can be used in various water
treatment areas.