Sell UV disinfection unit

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UV system is the most reliable , effective and safe water disinfection method.

The reason is chlorination and other chemical disinfection method will have long term

damaging effects on the human body and environment.

Why you choose UV for disinfection?

1. No Damage for our environment. No chemicals are required.

2. Safety and easy operation.

3. Low operation costs VS chemical disinfection costs.

4. Short detention time & small space.

5. Efficient disinfection method.

6. Customized design.


1. Made of stainless steel 304 ( option for 316)
2. Electropolished and passivated for reactor chamber
3. Compact design, easy to install & maintain.
4. Non-toxic and non-corroding
5. Standard UV intensity range: 15,000 ~45,000 5watt/cm2
6. Higher transmission for quartz sleeve


1. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
2. Industrial Wastewater and Reuse
3. Air condition Cooling water Recirculation
4. Fish & Shrimp Hatcheries
5. Other industry disinfection , for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and micro-electronics industries, pure water