Sell UV laser (Nd:YVO4)

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Laser Information
BLUV100 series LD pumped acousto-optic Q-switched UV laser, using the advanced cavity design and laser control technology to achieve excellent beam quality, higher long-term job stability, narrow laser pulse width in high-power lasers operation. Special intra-cavity thermal compensation technique and harmonic conversion technology to achieve high efficiency conversion.
This series of lasers using Nd: YVO4 crystal as the gain medium in order to obtain better output characteristics under high operating frequency of the laser.
Laser Character
Clean Laboratory Package
TEM00 mode output base (M2 <1.2)
Long-term work stability
Small size, compact structure
Stand-alone and RS232 computer control, external GATE control, external TTL and PWM control
Repetition rate adjustable 10-100kHZ
LD module can be replaced at the scene
Mainly applies in the ITO thin film etching, fast formation, LED wafer cutting, scribing, lineation, lattice, as well as ultraviolet pore processing and so on.

MODEL BLUV100-0.5 BLUV100-01 BLUV100-02 BLUV100-03 BLUV100-04 BLUV100-06 BLUV100-08
Wavelength(nm) 355
Pulse Repetition Rate Range : 10HZ to 100kHZ
Pulse Width (ns) @30kHZ: 18
Average Power(W) @30kHZ : 0.5 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0 8.0
Average Power Stability : < 1 2% over 12 hours
Pulse Energy(uJ) @30kHZ: 15 30 60 100 130 200 260
Spatial Mode: TEM00(M 2 <1.2) TEM00(M 2 <1.5)
Beam Divergence Full Angle : < 2 mrad
1/e2 Beam Diameter : 0.5 mm
Beam Roundness: >90%
Polarization Direction Horizontal
Polarization Ratio >100 : 1
Operating Voltage 220VAC/110VAC
Line Frequency(HZ) 47-63HZ
Cooling Air-cooling /Water-colling
Ambient Temperature( 0 ) 15-30
Storage Temperature( 0 ) -10-50