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Product Name:
UV germicidal lamp
Product ID:
Product parameters:
Power (W) : 18
UV power (W) : 5.5
Lamp Life expectancy (%) 8000hours: 85
Application of water (L) : 20000
Maximum pressure (bar) : 0.3
Maximum flow (L / h) : 2500
Interface size: 3 / 4''- 3 / 2''
Wire length (m) : 2.5/3.5
Length (mm) : 314
Product Description:
Products can kill an aquarium and ornamental pond of bacteria and algae, for ornamental fish to provide a comfortable environment for healthy living.
2 built-in protection device that lights spin cap, lamp extinguished automatically to prevent ultraviolet damage your skin and eyes.
3 special instructions glass switch design that allows you at any time to observe the status of work products.
4 in accordance with the use of parts of different degrees of consumption and, if necessary, invite the corresponding replacement.
Issued 5 lamp UV disinfection will be effective at 8000 hours after the use of a substantial failure, so please replace the UV lamp from time to time.
6 should not be placed in water using ultraviolet light.
7 products suitable outdoor use.
8 in all but the installation is not completed before, do not connect the power.
9 Please do notshell at the aquarium inside the piping installed between the switch, so as not to affect the water pressure on the body shell.