Sell UV screen ink

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Introduction information:
This product line using the latest technology and prescription pantone color system and the development of new UV silk screen inks, apply to the CD, VCD, DVD, CD-R, DVD-R printing surface.
Features information:
The products have strong adhesion and drying fast, colorful, rubbing sexual excellent advantages. Solvent-free release, the hard coating of skin irritation (P. L. L) low, acid and alkali, alcohol and other fine chemicals.
Code and Description:
CD Ink series, CDV - M Ink series, UVTM Ink Series, DVD, DVD-R Ink Series

Method of usage:
1, The product can be used directly, or use the system for the deployment of 00 varnish use
2, Please avoid mixing with other system UV printing inks to use
3, mesh: 150T165T
4, Squeegee: 750800
1, in use do not come in contact with the skin as possible. Please contact immediately wash with soap;
2, I should be grateful if the products stored in a cool, dry place to avoid sunlight;
3. use full-line stirring;
4, storage conditions : at room temperature 20 0 C -25 0 C and relative humidity <75%

Duration of quality guaranteed:
Normal: 1 year (from the date of production)