Sell UV sterilization air purifier

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1. Ion
2. Ozone
3. UV light
4. HEPA filter
5. Photo catalyst
6. Activated carbon
7. Aroma

Innovation :
1. washable ion generator :4 carbon fibre heads to generate ions and can be cleaned easily.
2. replacement ozone generator :the ozone generator is replaceable which makes its longevity 22 times than the traditional ones .
3. UV anti-bateria technology:adopts the characters for killing bacteria of UV, and combines the structure of the unit for air fitration, it can kill the bacteria in the flowing air effectivly.
4. HEPA filter :it is made of new PP raw material and static fibreglass
5. Photo catalyst:the semiconductor of Tio2
6. Activated carbon:it is biosynthesized from the walnut shell.
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