Sell Ultarsonic Nebulizer

Ultarsonic Nebulizer
Imported chip to ensure the apparatus is running safety.
Multi-item control new technology to prolong the product in-service life with big extent.
Air and nebulizing rate may be regulated according to the needs.
Extensive application can provide beautifying, air moistening and jewelry cleaning, etc. for family.
Distinct wind-tunnel structure, this improves the resolving power of medicine and water, and prolong the in-service life of the product.
Air inlet applies air filtration technology to ensure the purity of inspired air, and easy for cleaning and replace.
Apply anti-leaking design to avoid leaking by obliquity of instrument.

Technical parameters
Source Voltage: ~220V122V, 50Hz11Hz
Supersonic Frequency: 1.6MHz10.16MHz
Input Power: <=75VA
Nebulization rate: maximum nebulization rate >=4ml/min, minimum nebulization rate <=1ml/1min, can adjust continuously.
Timing style: machinery timing, can adjust continuously, the maximum timing is 60min.
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
CC 3170C
Minimum Order Quantity
2 units
Terms of Payment
T/T or L/C