Sell Ultra High Speed Jet Hand Dryer

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Its speedy dry time and highly refined design creates a refreshing lifestyle.


1. Speed Satisfaction
- It takes only 5 seconds to dry wet hands with the ultra fast airflow.
- With " Noise Absorption Module (NAM) ", it is proper to use in silent places such as offices and hospitals.
- "Three Phase Velocity Adjustment Function" makes the best environment for drying hands (BJP-1000SV)

2. Quality Satisfaction
- Its elegant design enhances the quality of the environment in which it's installed.

3. Hygiene Satisfaction
- As this drier dries with 100% clean air, the user is safe from poisonous materials such as dioxin, which is
used for producing paper towels.
- The absence of paper maintains a clean and hygienic environment.

4. Health Satisfaction
- The use of antibiotic materials and filters prevents the propagation of bacteria
and helps maintain hygienic conditions at all times.
- No touch type of drying process prevents the user from 2nd contamination by dioxin, dust and bacteria
which could occur by using paper towel, fabric towel and other driers.
- The powerful airflow creates the effect of hand massage.
- The natural aroma (Phytoncide) gives relaxation and refreshment.

5. Cost satisfaction
- As the cost for each use of this drier is just Cent 0.04, the user can save up to 98.4% of the cost
of paper towels and over 98.3% of that of roll towels.
- It also saves the cost of maintenance as there is no need to refill papers and to clean used papers.

- dry time: 5 secs
- wind speed: 90 m/sec
- rated current: 6 A
- safety device: ESC (Electric Shock free Circuit) in built
- tank capacity: 500 ml
- weight: 5kg
- size: 300x190x650 mm
- International standards met: FCC and CE