Sell Ultra-thin Day Use Anion Sanitary Napkin(FOB$0.0450per piece)

Ultra-thin Day Use Anion Sanitary Napkin(FOB$0.0450per piece) You May Also Be Interested In: absorbent paper anion sanitary napkin sanitary napkin
Detailed offer Description
Model Number:ALS5003

Detailed Description:Ultra-thin Day Use Anion Sanitary Napkin

1. The first layer materials:Non-Woven Fabrics

2. The second layer materials:Anion Functional Core

3. The third layer materials:Airlaid Paper+Super absorbent Paper

4. The forth layer materials:PE Film

5. Outer Envelope: PE Film with good quality


Net Weight:7.0g

Packing:10 pieces per bag,48 bags per carton

Feature:All designs for customers

1 Ultra-thin design with cotton topsheet to make it more soft contact with skin

2 The Anion Functional Core can effectively restrain bacterial and viral replication and survival, to promote matebolism, improve the endocrine, enhance immunity, regulating pressure, antibacterial, antiphlogistic, divide peculiar smell, eliminate fatigue, etc.

3 Super Absorbent Paper let the napkin absorb quickly, keep it dry and prevent side leakage more effectively