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we are specialized in the manufacturing of the Ultra thin light box, which is widely used in display, advertising and exhibition.

The distinct characteristics of the ultra thin light box are as follow:
Ultra thin and nice-looking
The new light box is ultra thin and ultra light. And it is very nice in appearance. The thickness is commonly less than 3cm, which is only 10% of the thickness of the traditional light box. In this way, it can make use of the space well.
On the other hand, it can beautify the environment, save the cost of carriage, simplify to install and increase the applications. Especially it is good for the limitary space, such as lift, public channel, emporium, supermarket, subway, bus stop, and so on.
Shapely brightness
The bright beam emits absolutely flatly and uniformly. This advantage drastically avoids the adverse condition of unequally shine as other traditional light box does. With its problem optic trait, it is not only widely used in the public area, but also used in the precision display, photograph, medical illumination, scientific research, and so on.
Efficient and electricity-saving
Because the ultra thing light box adopts the technology of advanced light-transmitting panel, it has high rate on photoelectric transform. The use of electricity is only 23% of that the same size traditional light box consumes. Suppose that a light box with 1 M2 superficial extent works 10 hours a day. The traditional light box will consume near 900degrees electricity a year, while the ultra thin light box will only consume about 200degrees. It saves 77% electricity, which means the investment of the ultra thin light box can be reclaimed from the electricity fee in a year.
The ultra thin light box adopts quality fluorescent lamp, whose life can reach 8000 hours or above. And the life of the special cathode tube is more than 15,000 hours. In this way, the expectancy life of the ultra thin light box is 5 to 10 times than the traditional one. It also saves lots of money to maintain it.
Easy to install
It is very easy to install the light box because of the special design of structure. The whole frame is made of imported aluminum. The moveable hook or hole makes the install easier.
Measure up to environment
95% material of the ultra thin light box can be recycled, which is totally environment-
al friendly.
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