Sell UltraGrow - container insert for growing healthier potted plants

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Dont pot another plant without it!

Versatile container gardening device retrofits almost any container and helps potted plants to develop and maintain a healthy root system.

Irving, Texas  Modern Haus Design Groups unique UltraGrow container insert is rapidly gaining interest in the gardening and horticultural community as an affordable and effective means of improving the health and performance of container grown plants. A new release for the spring 2005 gardening season, the UltraGrow is now shipping, and is available at better garden centers across the country.

The UltraGrow container insert is our debut product offering,  says Ben Gilliand, President and Executive Designer of Modern Haus Design Group. The UltraGrow is probably over engineered but the corporation was founded on the philosophy of giving consumers great solutions  and addressing issues ignored by other products. 

To install the UltraGrow, just place it over the mouth of a container and press down on the center of the device until it reaches the bottom of the container, then fill with soil; its really that simple,  says Gilliand. Our primary objective was ensuring the device would easily fit inside a wide range of container shapes, styles and sizes yet remain effective for nearly any growing application. 

Specifically designed for container gardening (and gardeners of any experience level) the UltraGrow helps potted plants to develop and maintain a healthy root system. The easy to use design is cleverly engineered to automatically fold and properly fit into the bottom of nearly any decorative container, flower pot or hanging basket. The UltraGrow allows gardeners to easily improve the growing characteristics of virtually any container, even those constructed from concrete, fiberglass, cast iron, polyurethane foam, or traditional clay.

In addition to promoting and maintaining healthy root development, the UltraGrow also helps protect plants from over watering and over fertilizing, two of the most common mistakes made by novice gardeners. Plus, experienced gardeners can adjust the UltraGrow for specialized plants (cactus, orchids, vegetables, etc. ) and for special environments (hot, dry, sunny locations or even cool, damp, shady areas) . The UltraGrow accomplishes all of this by helping to maintain a healthy balance of soil moisture content, drainage and root zone air circulation.

Fully reusable and designed for years of service, the UltraGrow container insert is molded from a tough but easily recycled ultraviolet resistant plastic. Were commonly asked if the UltraGrow contains fertilizer  it does not. The UltraGrow is actually designed to work in conjunction with quality fertilizer and soil to provide an optimal growing environment at the root-zone level states Gilliand.

Retailing at an affordable $4.89, the UltraGrow container insert is a cost effective, functional addition, designed to make the most of any container.

Were very pleased with the versatility of the UltraGrow and are really excited to help both Novice and Expert Gardeners get more enjoyment from their plants,  concluded Gilliand.
Brand Name
UltraGrow Container Insert
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Bright Green
Condition of Goods
10.25 x 9.25 x 1.65
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 or Under
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 case (24 units)
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Copyrights and Patents Pending
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FOB Ft. Worth, Texas
Warranty Coverage
mfg. defects 90 days
5 oz.