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Model GYH-06AC (Single phase)
input voltage AC220V50HZ
input current 23A
output power 6000W
min power 40W
fluctuating frequency 1.5MHZ
product size main:430 x280 x90mm
part:230 x 100 x 115 mm
net weight 12KG
Major Features:

GYH super frequency heating equipment has such features as high frequency (the minimum heated welding diameter is #0.1mm) , small size, light weight, low failure rate and conservation of energy (it can save the power by 70% as compared with glass-ceramic vacuum tube high frequency heating equipments) . Furthermore, it can ensure the solid welding point which is pleasing and delicate in appearance, integral geometric configuration, perfect surface grain, complete crystal structure of internal metal part, limited annealing range and elimination of obvious weld knot. It is widely applied to the welding of couplers and inserts used in metal glass manufacturing as well as electric appliance and electronic industries, non-contact welding of internal parts of small-size relays, high-pressure refrigerating parts, headwear decorations, metal ornamental articles and art wares.

Major Scope of Application

A. Welding of big and small gears of hard alloy saw blade;

B. Welding and annealing of spectacle frame and fittings;

C. Welding of jewelleries, clock and watch;

D. Electric industry (tin and silver soldering of fine wire, various electronic elements) ;

H. Toy industry (tempering for wind spring and thin metal sheet)

G. Welding of cutting tools as well as tempering for paper cutter and shoe knife blade;

E. Electromechanical industry (silver and braze welding of fine metal joints as well as quench tempering for mini motor shaft) ;

F. Wire material industry (annealing of wire material and sheet band) ;
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eight mood
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430 x280 x90mm
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GYH-06AC (Single phase)
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