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Skin is comprised of Epidermis, Dermis and Subcutaneous Tissue. The defensive surface of tissue on the center of epidermis protects the skin from outer environment and harmful materials. Despite this defensive surface of tissue is very important for the protection of skin condition, it also has negative effects such as the interruption of absorbing nutritious
ingredients that can improve the skin condition.
So, DIONE, a portable massager, was developed with the function of repetitive vibration and ultrasonic waves which involve 1 million times of delicate vibration and other multifunction in order to help develop the skin condition by warming, removing dead skins, and cleansing the pores.

Model BIO-20012
Size 50 X 172 X 40 (mm)
Weight 1Kg (Including Box)
Ultrasonic Frequency 1 MHz
Rated Capacity 7 VA
Battery voltage DC3.6V 600mA
Adaptor Input AC220V 60Hz
Adaptor Output DC15V 500mA

1st STEP : Facial Massage(ultrasonic wave)
Ultrasonic micro-vibrations(a million per second) have a good influence on skin tissue
cells by penetrating up to the epidermis, the dermis and even the subcutaneous tissue.

2nd STEP : Body Massage(ultrasonic wave)
It helps you get rid of the stiffness in your tense skin or muscles and decompose fat in your abdomen and thigh for control of obesity by
compound ultrasonic waves of twenty essential modes and serial modes.

3rd STEP : Cleansing( + ION )
The accumulated wastes between the skin tissues are excreted to the outside of skin by negative ions.

4th STEP : Lifting( + - ION )
Positive and negative ions give resilience to wrinkles and damaged skin and make drooping facial line clear by controlling the dermis
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