Sell Ultrasonic & Ion Stimulator

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# 1MHz Ultrasonic(Vibration: 1 million times/sec)
With the safe, special design of touched control panel, there are 8 intensities to induct ions deeply into any kind of skin. When without contact with skin at 5 seconds, the ultrasonic head will stop outputting wave (but the time is still running) avoiding any over heat and burnt out.

# 3MHz Ultrasonic (Vibration: 3 million times/sec)
There are 8 intensities of inductions for inducting negative ions superficially into any kind of skin. Use 3MHz alternately with 1MHz, the effect can be enhanced.

# Negative ion
After using ultrasonic, inducting negative ion for 5 minutes can make skin softness and harmony

# Mixed wave micro current (good effect of removing furrow)
Use micro wave to massage the face, it can activate cells, improve metabolism, hence extend the life cycle of cells and prevent furrow occurred.

# High energetic light (nano 660nm wave length)
Researches show that, when using low energy heliotherapy narrow wave length together with ultrasonic, the light wave with wave length 480nm ~880nm can activate enzyme C in the cell, to create more energy to accelerate the combination of DNA & RNA to make collagen fiber or motion fiber to eliminate the dead cells and refuse.

# Skin moisture test
It can test the skin if the skin is a quantity of water contained (lacked, average or full) .