Sell Ultrasonic Beauty (For Personal Care)

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The safest ultrasonic beauty / skin care device specially designed for beautifying skin and managing fatty textures, 3MHz, no harm to your facial bone and muscles, with exclusively pre-heated function, can help enhancing the heat effect and promoting beautification with Phonophoresis Technique. 10~15 minutes each day and 3~28 days a beauty session. Ultrasonic massage excites the skin cells and enforces their contraction, effectively preventing the skin aging process and looseness. Rebuild up your skin as tight and firm as the young. The ultrasonic heat can be transformed into hypodermics and increase blood and lymph circulation, accelerates fat dissolution, drain out body waste and remold your figure.

*3 MHz rebuilds your tender skin and remold body curve
*Auto timer setting OFF
*Metal treatment head will not reduce working effect and would provide better heat radiation, prolonging the usage life
*Suitable size of treatment head is readily and smoothly used even around the nose edge, pouch eyelid, and so on
*Efficacy: Deep cleansing, cuticle removal
*Heat massage, fat dissolution
Brand Name
50 x 45 x 190 mm
Model Number
200 grams