Sell Ultrasonic Cavitation Fast Slimming Machine

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Product Description
liposuction cavitation machine has the functions of vacuum suction, motorized intelligent
Roller, 40KHz strong ultrasound and LED light therapy, it is a high-tech micro-computer control
Machine that has a excellent efficacy in slimming, body shaping and skin beauty.

Detailed Product Description
1. Three different rolling modes: Back, forth, back and forth
2. 27 deep massage modes: P1-P9+B1-B3
3. 600 different modes according to different rolling direction, rolling speed
4. Ultrasonic wave: 0.4MHz ultrasonic fat dissolving head
5. Low noise technique: High quality air pump with strong pressure and low
6. Vacuum and optical fiber synchronization

Technical parameters:
1. Voltage: 110-230V, 50-60Hz
2. Power: 650 W
3. Physics techniques: Mechanical energy /vacuum / optical fiber
4. Load moment: 5000 g. Cm
5. Negative pressure: >500rnbar
6. Optical fiber<5mW (red / blue)