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Item: Ultrasonic Cleaner
Model No: LW735
Voltage: 110V/230V
Waltz: 30W
Colors: White
Material: ABS
Approval: CE
With LED display and Time set
1. Lots of tiny bubbles are generated under ultrasonic action
2. Bubbles are imploded constantly under ultrasonic pressure to impact the surface of the item
3. The impact splits up the dirt into many granules and separates them the granules then disperse into the water.
4. This scientifically sound method is the most effective way to purify and restore various articles to a gleaming finish. Features include a super-charged transducer for superior cleaning results; Large tank capacity for professional cleaning; And a water safe isolated-circuit design.
1. This product is designed to thoroughly wash jewelry, watch straps, toothbrushes, tableware, lenses, glassware, stainless steel instruments, metals and more, including eyeglasses, watch chains, dentures, CD/DVD disks pen points, electric shaver heads, baby products and other metal parts cleaning using ultrasonic technology.
2. Simply pour water into the stainless steel tank and set the desired cycle ( 3MINS, 5MINS, 8MINS) , then place the item in the tank, close the lid and push the "on" button.
3. This product will count down in last minute showing the cycle is finishing. It will shut down automatically.