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Specification :

1) WY7500 ultrasonic distance measurer
is actually two measuring tools in one,
it take measurements by bouncing sound waves off flat hard surface such as walls
or ceilings in the " SINGLE UNIT MODE" , or by sending infrared light to the
Target (included) and receiving sound waves back from the Target in "DUAL UNIT MODE"

Range without target: 1.5-60ft (0.46- 18.2M )
Range with target: 3- 250ft ( 0.91-76.2 M)
Actual : Will vary depending on environmental condition

Accuracy :
Single unit mode: 99.5 %+/- 1/4in (+/-1cm)
Dual unit mode : 99.5 %+/- 1/2in (+/-1 cm)

These accuracies are possible when environmental condition
are as follow:
Temperature 32-86F (0-30C)
Relative humidity : 30-70%
Altitude: -328ft -to +328ft (-0.1km to +0.1km)
Wind speed : still air
Resolution : 1/4 in (0.01m, 0.01ft or 0.01yd)
Ultrasonic frequency:
40 kHz without target
25kHz with target

Battery :9 Volt (alkaline recommended)
Current Consumption :
( Approximately 50 hours continuous use with a new 9V alkaline battery)

Operation Temperature:
32-100F (0-38C)
Auto shut off :
Approximately 7 minutes after last key press
Receiver: 5 7/8 X 2 7/8 X 1 3/4 in (147 x 75 x 45mm)
Target: 4 3/4 X 3 X 11/16 in (121x75x27 mm)

Weight: Receiver : 6.2oz (175g ) without battery
Target: 4.0oz (115g) without battery

2) UDM-3007:
a) Range: 3 - 60ft (0.9 - 18.3m)
b) Meter or feet conversion
c) Accuracy of 0.5% +/- 1 digit
d) Seperate memory for length, width, and height measurements
e) Addition, subtraction, area, and volume buttons
f) Laser pointer
g) Auto power off
h) Low battery display
i) 9V battery required
j) N. W. : 200g

3) UDM-3005A:
a) Range: 3 - 60ft (0.9 - 18.3m)
b) Meter or feet conversion
c) One-touch calculation of volume and area
d) Perfect for realtors and builders
e) Separate memort for length, width and height measurements
f) Adds and subtracts directly between three stored numbers
g) Precise measurement
h) Auto shut-off
i) Backlight
j) N. W. : 200g

Supply Capacity
10000per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity