Sell Ultrasonic Grating Laboratory Apparatus

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The light wave is diffracted by the ultrasonic wave when it propagates in liquid medium, which is called the optical diffraction caused by ultrasonic sound (also called acousto-optic effect) . This phenomenon is the interactional result from light wave and sound wave in medium. The liquid density is modulated by the making the original liquid with even diaphaneity become the ultrasonic grating of which refractive ratio changes periodically. The diffraction phenomenon is to be produced when the light beam is passing through, wherefrom the propagation speed of sound wave in liquid can be measured accurately. The acousto-optic effect can be applied widely because the developing laser and ultrasonic techniques. Though ultrasonic grating experiment, the experimenter can get to know the experimental theory of optical effect, to learn to use the optical effect to measure the sound velocity in liquid and the application method of the micrometer ocular.
Ultrasonic grating laboratory apparatus manufactured by our company has following features:
1. Optical guideway is used to facilitate level and vertical adjustment, and the outdated bulky spectrometer platform is abandoned, so the apparatus is light to be moved.
2. Mechanical adjustable slit arrangement is replaced with optical slit, so that the grating spectrograph is fine and obvious.
3. The apparatus has a integrated structure and high accuracy, and test data is reliable.
This Ultrasonic grating laboratory apparatus mainly consists of mainframe (control box) , sodium vapour lamp, optical guideway, liquid tank, collimator and micrometer ocular.