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Ultrasonic is a kind of technology which could be used to break up clustered pigment molecules. Its frequency, strength, is all ideal for such a work. When the ultrasonic beams enter the ink solvent, it would create cavitations within the clustered pigment with thousands atoms, which would literally blast clustering pigment molecules into single molecules into single molecules. Moreover, the high frequency of the ultrasonic waves and radiation would create a vacuum within the ink that would effectively stir the ink automatically, allowing the numerous particles and pigments to mix finely while prevention them from clotting. These effects are such that could never be reached by any other mechanical method. Just like normal mixer could not mix oil and water, but ultrasonic radiation could. With this technology, pigment and solvent would blend perfectly and flawlessly. Hence, Ultrasonic Ink Tank could completely banish all the common problems of clogging and uneven concentration and maintain the ink, in its best possible status, until its used up. Also, with the electrical heating method, enables printing to be done in winters with the same, fabulous effect.

Ultrasonic Ink Supplying Product Introduction:

The Ultrasonic Series Products include: Ultrasonic Ink Supplier & Ultrasonic Ink Tank. They are composed by Ultrasonic wave emitter, electric heating system, digital temperature sensor, timer/scheduler, and heat tracking devices. Upon starting the ultrasonic system, ultrasonic radiation is automatically applied to the ink, allowing the ink to maintain its finest position by creating cavitations and vacuum within the clusters and breaking them. With the vibration inside the ink, it with the resulting effect the ink in its best possible status, until it used up. Also, our ultrasonic ink supplying system, using the electrical heating method, enables printing to be done in winters with the same, fabulous effects.

The amazing effects of the Ultrasonic Ink supplying system:

Protecting the print-head from blockages and thus extending its life.

Stops clogging, clustering, or uneven concentration of pigment molecules in solvent.

Prevents clogging, tearing, or instability of the ink when a printing job is underway.

Using the ultrasonic system, make the pigment molecules smaller, more refined, and thus creates more vivid images

Maintaining the temperature within the ink tank in the best possible temperature range.
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