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The ultrasonic cleaner specifications
Interior size 150*140*100 (L*W*Hmm
Outer size 190*170*220 (L*W*Hmm
Volume : 2000ml
Supply power : AC 220~240V 50/60Hz
Operation frequency: 42,000Hz
Power :60W
N. W. : 1.9kg
G. W. : 2.1kg
The ultrasonic cleaner Packing:
Inner box size 208*208*242L*W*Hmm
Outer box size 660*650*280L*W*Hmm
Quantity: 9PC/carton
N. W : 19KG
G. W. :21.5KG

Ultrasonic cleaner characteristic
A . The basket with netting uses the stainless steel wire screen argon toweld the forming, enhances the clean effect
B. The ultrasonic cleaner outer covering uses the high quality stainless steel plate manufacture, artistic is natural.
C. The clear tank washer and the basket use a high quality stainlesssteel ramming forming, does not have the welding place, the waterproof performance is better, use this ultrasonic cleaner is very safe.
D. Uses the high quality import part, the ultrasonic wave powerconversion efficiency high, the power strong, the clean effect isgood.
Application scope:
Use aim: The thing clean, the degasification, the disinfection, theemulsification, mixes, the replacement uniform, withdraws.
Use department: Industry and mining enterprise, universities, collegesand institutes scientific research unit laboratory; Hospital; Electronic workshop assembly line; Clock and watch eyeglasses shop, jewelry; Jeweler's shop, Family. you will use ultrasonic cleaner for everywhere.
Clean things: Electronic products, mechanical hardware fitting, eyeglasses, jewelry, clock and watch, money, fruit and so on.
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Supply Capacity
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190*170*220 (L*W*Hmm
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Power Requirements
AC 220~240V 50/60Hz
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T/T western union
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