Sell Ultrasonic Lace Sewing Machine

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1. Use ultrasonic energy to cut, weld, seal seam, hole, emboss, stitch, slit, form. color & fold.
2. Need no traditional needle & thread. Generally need no plastic film & paper.
3. No dissipated edge, wrinkle & shrinkage.
4. Can work continuously for mass production. can work curves; easy to change Rollers.
5. Can print color on the laces with colored paper.
6. No smoke, spark , danger.
7. Accurate & durable alloy Rollers are designed by computer aid & made with sculpthured molds.
8. Thousands of pattern roller designs available.
The ultrasonic lace sewing machine may be applied in decoration ornaments , packaging, knitting products,
sport wear, bed cover, window shades , shower mask, underwear, . . . . . . . . etc