Sell Ultrasonic Stain Remover

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State-of-the art cleaning device generating 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second by powerful wave energy.

- High washing effect
Using ultrasonic waves it prevents the damage from clothes by scrubbing.
- Convenience
You do not need to wash the whole clothing just to remove partly smeared stains.
- Small & Light weight
Battery operated (using AA size 4 pcs) , pocket size and easy to carry.
- Sterilizing effect
kills bacteria using ultrasonic waves.
- Cost effective
Saves money when washing and dry cleaning.
- Pollution Prevention
Reduces pollution caused by detergents.

(How to use)
- Apply liquid detergent (for dish) and soak stained area into water using handkerchief and paper towel then clean it using stain remover.

- Food stains
coffee, black & green tea, juice, milk, curry ketchup, soy sauce oil, mayonnaise and chocolate
- Cosmetic stains
lipstick, foundation, eyecolor
- Stains on collors, cuffs of dress shirts
- Others
ink, blood, shoe polish, fungi, cleaning glasses or jewelry, etc.