Sell Ultrasonic packing machine

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Double grade ultrasonic sealing mode . continuous high-speed card feeding and sealing with exact reliable card positioning and elegant tight card packing effect.
Convenient easy-view tuch screen operation interfaces display in English/Chinese
Feeder is suitable for any cards or paper leaflets of thickness 0.02~3mm
Thickness inspector guarantees no accidental twin cards are packed.
Packing modes for both  double cards  or  card+leaflet  sealing edges of zigzag, letters or personalized designs are possible.
Pack positioning device is optional to coincide the film logo with the card.
Various personalized sealing patterns are available to secure safety against piracy
Card serial number inspector is optional to secure correct card numbers
Around package Can According to customer requirements put Variety Exquisite pictorial logo

Technical parameters:

Outer dimension: 3350x1850x950mm
Supply voltage : AC220V 50HZ
Air pressure: 6kg~7kg/cm 2
Folding width: 120cm<film>.
Packing material: Various material card at the thickness during 0.25mm ~0.35mm.
Material Standard : ISO Standard .
speed: 7000pcs/hour
weight: 750kg