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Ultrasonic Stain Remover is a breakthrough technology to tackle one of the toughest household problems today-garment stains. It can quickly and powerfully attacks and eliminates a variety of stains, including:
Tea, Coffee, Grease, Motor Oil, Blood, Ink, Grass, Wine, Butter, Gravy, Lipstick, Make up, Curry, Clay stains as well as some set stains.

There are five key benefits to compare with the traditional cleaning:

1, Erases stains on the spot and piror to laundering

2, Fast, no tedious scrubbing or soaking,

3, Safe on all fabrics

4, Even removes some set stains

5, Favorite clothing can be rescued from stain
Some more detail information of the ultrasonic stain remover is as following:

1. Product code: C-758

2. Product dimension: 232*58*48.22 (mm)

3. The price of the Ultrasonic Stain Removal is USD 9.7

4. The accessories is including 1pc of brush head, 1 bottle of Cleaning Fluid, 1pc DC adapter (6V, 1500Ma) , main body and instruction book.
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