Sell Ultrasound Scanner

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Ultrasound Scanner
Scanning mode: Convex array
Standard probe frequency: 3.5MHz convex probe
Gray scale: 256
Display mode: B, B+B, B+M, M
Magnification: four multiple
Depth Scope: 0-240mm, visual field: 102mm
Resolution: lateral <= 2mm, axial <= 1 mm
Geometric position precision: 5%
Video output: PAL-D
power: AC220V +- 22V, frequency: 50HZ +- 1Hz
Power consumption: <= 150VA

Main features:
Trolley mode
Focus mode: alterable aperture, 4 segments electronic focus, Single point focus, multi-point focus, and dynamic focusing.
Measurement items: distrance, circumderence, area, heart rate, Pregnant weeks(BPD, CRL, GS) , fetus weight etc;
Note functions: real time, diagnosis date, patient's series number, name, 16 body position mark, full screen remark;
Gray scale transform: 8 kinds of Gamma curve correction;
Frame correlation: 4 levels adjustable;
Cine loop: 256 frames;
Image function: Left and Right, Black-white Reverse;
Puncture guide & Calculus positioning;
On/off power supply, self-check and protection