Sell Umbrella OEM

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1. High end umbrellas. For brands. This based on good quality control. These factories produce for famous brands of the designers. Styles cover both Asian and European market. For high end umbrellas we even accept quantity low to a few dozens. Usually each can be a perfect craft. These umbrellas are in selling on shelf as costly attractive items, or are offered as decent gifts.
2. Middle level umbrellas for market. These factories produce pretty good quality products for the professional umbrella companies. This kind of production is to fulfill the demand of the people. For good quality products
3. Low end (advertising) umbrellas. In mass production and low prices. Match the demand of consumer market purpose.
4. Novelty umbrellas. Different shape, creative printing method, fantastic decorations and manufacturers also apply new technology in the umbrellasfor example, EL system, lighting fibers, audio & Video MEDIA etc.