Sell Uncompensated, Absolute Pressure Sensor

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The MPS series of surface mount pressure sensors provides a cost effective method of measuring absolute and or gauge pressure in a fully packaged format. The packaging formats of COB and surface mount cavity packages, provides the product with an application specific footprint that is particularly useful in various sensor applications. The Memstech piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors can be used in most general applications within a variety of industry uses:Data recording, on board and Remote Diagnostics
A soft gel coating provides some measure of
environmental protection, none the less, it is not recommended to expose this sensor to conditions of high moisture or corrosive chemicals. The sensor is housed in a surface mount package, and uses materials that are compliant with United States of America and European Union standards on hazardous material content.
The MPS series sensors are uncompensated, and can be used with clean dry gases such as air, nitrogen and other like gases. The product offers a 5 pin open bridge configuration for electrical connection to facilitate analogue calibration of offset and span, if required. A 4 pin closed bridge configuration is also available. 4 choices of footprint facilitate compatibility with existing component layouts. Applications use with voltage sourcing is recommended to give the maximum sensor performance in accuracy with the conservation of battery power in portable applications. A ratiometric signal processing and acquisition system should be used if possible.

 Competitive Cost
 Small size
 Absolute and Gauge Pressure Measurement
 High Impedance Bridge
 Low power consumption
 PC board mountable
 100 mV output (@5V supply)
 Variable package combinations: SMT/COB

 Mobile altimeter/barometer
 Weather forecast
 Air balloon
 Non-Invasive Blood pressure

MPS-150A天 气 预 报 用 压 力 传 感 器 (非 补 偿 , COB邦 定 ) , 绝 压 型 压 阻 式 , 规 格 : 6 x 6.7 x 3.03/6 x 12 x 3.03/6 x 17 x 3.03三 种 选 择 .

具 体 参 数 如 下 :

Operating Pressure Range: 0~18psiA

Over Pressure: 0~55psiA

Zero Pressure Offset at 3V: 115mV

Non-linearity: 10.5%FS

Bridge Resistance: 4500~5500(Ohms)

Sensitivity: 0.92/-/1.57(Min/Typ/Max) mV/V/psi

Full Scale Span at 3V over 125kPa:

60/-/85 (Min/Typ/Max) mV

Supply Voltage:

1/3.0/+12 (Min/Typ/Max) ?V/V /0C

Operating Temperature: 0-85?C

Thermal Hysteresis: -0.3/-/+0.3 %FS

Pressure Hysteresis: -0.3/-/+0.3 %FS

应 用 :

1, 高 度 计 /压 力 计

2, 天 气 预 报
3, 运 动 腕 表
4, 空 气 球
5, 非 侵 入 血 压 计
Brand Name
6 x 6.7 x 3.03
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