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The M TPD150 series piezo-resistive pressure
sensor dies are manufactured on six inch silicon wafers in a class 100 clean room using a state of the art 1.2 micron CMOS facility and are then bulked micro-machined in a class 1000 clean room. The wafers are batch manufactured using a electrochemical etch stop process to achieve excellent repeatability
Applied pressure deforms a diaphragm causing piezo-resistors to change their resistance. This change in four resistors, which constitute a Wheat Stone Bridge, results in a pressureproportional
voltage Die are probed, inked, diced and visually inspected and shipped on tapes, in rings or in waffle packs. Dies can be mounted on ceramic or PCB substrates or packaged in application specific packages for measuring pressure in non-corrosive media

7 Piezo-resistive bridge
7 Solid state
7 High reliability
7 Optimally sized for application
7 Low cost design
7 Meets industry specifications
7 6 wafer availability
7 100% factory tested
7 Excellent repeatability
7 Rated pressure of sensor 0 to 150 psi

 Automotive tire pressure monitoring
 Digital tire pressure gage
 Pneumatic gauges
 Industrial machinery and equipment
 Test and measurement

MTPD-150A-10G (非 补 偿 , 裸 片 )

采 用1.2微 米 加 工 工 艺 , 压 阻 型 , 良 好 的 重 复 性 , 绝 压 型0~150psiA, 产 地 在 malaysia.

主 要 参 数 如 下 :

Operating Pressure Range: 0~150psiA

Over Pressure: 0~750psiA

Zero Pressure Offset Voltage (before bonding) : 115mV

Non-linearity: 10.5%FS

Bridge Resistance: 4500~5500(Ohms)

Sensitivity: 0.1/0.2/0.3 (Min/Typ/Max) mV/V/psi

Full Scale Span: 100/150/200 (Min/Typ/Max) mV

Temperature coefficient of offset, TCO:

-70/-2.5/+65 (Min/Typ/Max) ?V/V /0C

Temperature coefficient of sensitivity, TCS:

16/23/29 (Min/Typ/Max) %FS/1000C

Temperature coefficient of resistance, TCR:

-13/-25/-37 (Min/Typ/Max) %FS/1000C

应 用 :

胎 压 计

工 业 测 试 设 备 等
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