Sell Uneedjob JOB WEBSITE (looking for agents)

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We are uneedjob the global job website. We ask for the local business agent to join the operation everywhere in the world, if you are a local website, or operate the in good shape company, welcome to join our business agent. Currently we open a quota of business agent in each nation.

Join our special features
1. The Uneedjob owns the compatible platform of global language.
2. Fast and precise work, job hunter search.
3. The one platform make global language compatible. Global person, post, resume search.
The member can use the language of the region at different nation, to publish the needed post in UNEEDJOB. Uneedjob can and permit all languages of nation, will not have the disorderly code. Already complete surpass the restrict of the present all job site.

the advantage of the agent:
1. Provide the overall website technique
2. The enterprise comes from the international community. Also raise the advertisement opportunity to publish of come from the other nation in addition to local business enterprise
3. Biggest characteristics in uneedjob for can let job hunter of world can see the local factory.

If you are interested in uneedjob local agency operation, please contact with us.
We will open the system of the multinational language version for your reference.
welcomes to have the enthusiasm devotion job site join