Sell Unicorn Black Magic U-3000 Barebones System

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Integration of 5.25" or Mini-ITX SBC and U-3000 compact box, Barebones U-3000 is one of the ideal solutions for industrial embedded applications.

- Wall Mount PC Controllers
- Embedded PC Controllers
- Unattended Controllers (with optional Watch Dog Timer)
- Work Station
- Point of Sales

Main Features:
- Dimension: 217 x 300 x 74mm
- System Board: ENDAT-3201M/MF or Mini-ITX SBC
- CPU: VIA C3 800MHz/1GHz or Fan-less VIA EDEN 533MHz
- Integrated with 125W ATX PSU
- Optional for Silence version with DC-DC converter
- 1 x PCI / ISA riser expansion (optional)
- Drive Space: 1 x 3.5 (STD) HDD
- Expansion: 1 x PCI / ISA
Model Number
Barebones U-3000