Sell Unique Hair Care Restoration Product

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At Prime1, we have discovered a hair restoring system that really works, a balanced blend of ingredients that has created a secret formula, when correctly used, this formula has yield excellent resualts. The product is called "Magicwonder Hair Growth System" for men and women. The magicwoner hair growth system, is an oil based cream like grease, that is messaged into the affected areas of the scalp twice daily, morning and night and the entire head once a day in the morning. In thirty days or less in most cases the person using this product will see very satisfying results(new hair growth in place of the bald spot. It is lightly fragranted with a very pleasant odor. It is not harmful and it has no know side affects. Althought it has been tested many times, without negative results. It is however recommended in the interest of safety, that each person should conduct a pre allergy test of a small part of the affected area where treatment is desired. Since some people have very sentive skin.