Sell Unique Hand Painted Musical Jesters

Unique Hand Painted Musical Jesters You May Also Be Interested In: jester jesters musical movement one eye swarovski crystal
We produce a high quality musical product which we supplied to 110 of the San Francisco Music Box Company shops prior to their closing. We have a close out on this inventory as follows:

5 designs:
Limited edition of 500 pces each of which we have approx. 350 of each
design left. Each musical Jester is hand painted, dressed in silk velvets
and have a tiny motif painted on their cheek. A Swarovski crystal is
imbedded in either the motif or in the corner of one eye (twinkle in their eye) . An 18 note musical movement is incorporated into the jesters each with a popular melody. The jesters come packaged in a white gloss gift box with a gold embossed logo and bar coded.

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