Sell Unique new umbrella-  Music&Light Umbrella

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Unique new umbrella- Music&Light Umbrella , which can sing & light up, will bring you more happiness or fun. We also have the kind of umbrella with more than 10 songs. Every time you press the button, you can listen to different songs. It is very good gift, toy and souvenir, and is the great favorite with kids or parents. Here are our product lines of Singing Lighted Umbrella:

1) Happy Toy Umbrella: On the top is a beautiful and lovely colorlight, such as cartoon-like light, logo-like light, etc, which can spark with sweet music like JINGEL BELL, OLD MACADONALD HAVE A FARM, etc; on the cover there are different kinds of fine pictures that show beautiful and interesting things. All this adds more beauty and more happiness to people' life.
2) Happy Football-Fan Umbrella: on the top is a light-up football going well with beautiful Football-Fan songs like OLE!OLE!OLE, etc; on the cover, there may print the given logo pictures. Football-Fan umbrella gives Football Fans more passion and more happiness.
3) Novelty Advertising Umbrella: our advertising umbrella is such unique new advertising media and can better catch people's eyes that the umbrella can make better enterprise'image than the normal one. Using popular our umbrella as promotional gift is an ideal and effective promotion mode . We shall be pleased to customize so happy beautiful umbrella at customers'requests.