Sell Unitary Paper Reel Stand(ZT)

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1) Power-automatically adjusted angle, improves
productivity, and saves labor
2) Pull ribbons with power, uses larger diameter
paper roll, lowers productive cost, saves
labor and time
3) Easily adjusts the ribbon to the right angle,
saves time
4) Dual-position design, easily splices the
ribbons, without reducing the tubes qualities
when lowers the winding speed during the
splicing process
5) Each ribbon guide pulley assembles a bearing,
lowers the resistance and reduces the
separation of the ribbons, saves the cost and
improves the productivity
6) Adjusts each guide pulley transverse-

1) Power of angle adjusting machinery: 1.1kW x 2
2) Power of roll paper lifting machinery:
0.55kW x 1
3) Dimensions: 6,500 x 1,400 x 2,860mm