Sell Universal Din Rail Enclosures / PCB Holders

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These are distinguished by their modular design and universal mounting in all three rails. Inside guides in all directions provides PCB mounting facility. Assembly consists of 35.5 mm length of foot piece & spacer piece along with its end pieces of
Thermoplastic Polyamide 6 & 6.6. and ABS top cover Assembly is bound together by reinforced four in-line metal pins & screws which also provides strength to it. Between the two end pieces any number of foot piece/ spacer piece can be connected in grid & can be extended almost up to any desired length. It has built-in PCB guide for 108 mm width Base PCB. Foot piece provides fixing for complete assembly by simple snap fitting on all three Rails with zero spacing. Terminals are PCB
mounted type which minimizes the inside wiring.
Standard Models: - The Four standard Models in Enclosures / Holders offered are
Enclosures: - (1) UE - 035 (2) UE - 070 (3) UE - 105 (4) UE  140
Holders: - (1) UH - 035 (2) UH - 070 (3) UH - 105 (4) UH - 140
Application Of Enclosures: - Ideal for housing Electrical, Electronics & Electromechanical Devices like...Relays, Timers, Transducers, Transmitters
Sensing and Monitoring Devices.
Application Of Holders :- Interface modules for...Din Connectors, Sub Miniature Din Connectors, Flat Cable Connectors & Modules of Relays, Opto  coupler, Switch, Fuse, Diodes, Veristor, Power supply, Over Voltage protection, Data Transmission & Receiving, Analog / Digital Converter etc.