Sell Universal Li ion and Ni/NH Battery Charger

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The universal charger can simultaneously or independently charges cell phone, iPOD, PDA, or MP3 devices with any USB sync cable while rapidly charging camera/camcorder/AA/AAA batteries on base unit.
Charge configuration & time: 1 hr for most of the AA/AAA batteries; 30min - 2 hour for other batteries(depend on battery capacity)
Battery Type: Camcorder/camera Lithium ion battery (3.6/7.2V) ; Camcorder/camera Ni/MH battery (3.6/6/7.2V) , AA/AAA Ni/MH batteries.
Charging Capacity: Fit to all of the camcorder/camera batteries that Mach I fit
Charger Specification: Input voltage:100-240V, 11-16V DC (for auto)
Intelligence: Intelligent MCU, the charger could supply the optimal charging current for the battery, thus accelerate the charging speed and prolong the battery life.
Battery Detection: Detect battery type and charge lithium Ion and Ni/MH battery simultaneously
Polarity Protection: Detects if batteries are properly oriented in the charger.
Configuration Detection: Configuration protection to prevent AA and AAA batteries, Ni-Mh and alkaline batteries from being charged together
Overcharge Protection: Overcharge protection provided through charge cycle termination through -△ V, Max. Voltage, and charging time.
LED Indicators: Red light: charging; Green light: charging finish; flashing LED indicate: battery fault
Operating Temperatures: 00C - 400C
Size: 120W85.5W19.5 mm
Other Features: Fitted to all camcroder/camera batteries.
Regulatory Certifications: UL/CE/FCC/RoHS