Sell Universal Testing Machine

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The machine has the oil cylinder of underneath type and of microcomputer control, electro-hydraulic servo. It has the advantages such as high precision, easy to operate and large capacity of keeping record of data as well as indication of kinds of curves. It is suitable for doing testing experiments such as tensile, compression, bending and shear test for all kinds of metal materials and nonmetal materials such as plastic, concrete, cement and so on.
Capacity: 1000KN, 600KN, 300KN, 100KN;
Loading accuracy: <+/-1%
Working voltage: 380V+/-10%
Max. Tension distance: 700mm, 640mm, 550mm, 550mm
Clamping thickness of the flat specimens: 0-40mm, 0-30mm, 0-15mm, 0-15mm
Clamping diameter of the round specimens: 20-60mm, 12-40mm, 10-32mm, 6-20mm
Power of the oil pump motor: 1.5KW