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An universal automatic electronic phase switch PEF-301 is designed to supply an industrial/ appliance single-phase load 220V/50Hz from a three-phase four-wire power line 3x380+N to maintain the continuity of extra vital single-phase receivers service and to protect them from untolerable variations in mains voltage. By monitoring three phase voltage existence/quality the PEF-301 will select automatically the optimum phase and enables the single-phase load to be activated from it.
Any power single-phase load is activated through the PEF-301:
if power is less than 3,5 kWt (16A) , the load is activated from the PEF-301 directly;
if power is more than 3,5 kWt (16A) , the PEF-301 controls magnetic starter coils of the corresponding power (MS are not supplied in the complete set) .
The minimum and the maximum voltage thresholds are preset by user.
The PEF-301 is a highly accurate and reliable digital microprocessor device. The PEF-301 connects to the three-phase four-wire power line by the terminals 1(L1) , 3(L2) , 5(L3) , 6(N) . A phase connected to L1 is the priority one, i. e. the load will be always activated from phaseL1, provided that the priority phase voltage is present and be within the minimum and the maximum voltage thresholds preset by user. If the load had been transferred to reserve phases then upon the priority-phase voltage parameters regeneration the PEF-301 provides the automatic load reverse to the priority phase. The connection allows to select an arbitrary phase sequence so that any mains phase can be the priority one.
To avoid phase overloads when several devices are energized from one mains supply, it is recommended that different single-phase receivers selected the different priority phases.
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3x380+N / 50 Hz
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