Sell Universal material testing machine

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1. This machine is mainly used for metal and nonmaetal of tension, compression, bending, shearing, peel and tear test.
2. . The oil cylinder is set on the bottom in the machine, and with double space frames, The test space can be adjusted automatically by motor, hydraulic clamp automatically, There is two control modes: manual and auto-matic, The control unit is composed of computer and control system , It possesses stress, strain and dis placement control modes, The test data can be stored at will, and the data and curves can be reanalyzed, part amplified and data reedition ; test conditions (specimen, measurement) are programmable, All the mechanical properties can be obtained auto-matically, and print whole test report and curve.
It complys to many standard of materials testing methods:
《 GB/T2611-92》 , 《 GB/T16826-1997》 , 《 GB/T228-2002》 , BS, ISO, ASTM, etc. .
Main specifications
Model and specification: WE-300B WE-600B WE-1000B
Max. range: 300KN 600KN 1000KN
0-60KN 0.2KN/d 0-120KN 0.5KN/d 0-200KN 0.5KN/d
Measuring range: 0-150KN 0.5KN/d 0-300KN 1KN/d 0-500KN 1KN/d
0-300KN 1KN/d 0-600KN 2KN/d 0-1000KN 2KN/d
Measuring accuracy: 11% 11% 11%
Tension space: 620mm 680mm 680mm
Thickness of flat plate specimen: 0-15mm 0-30mm 0-40mm
Diameter of round specimen: #10-#32mm #13-#40mm #20-#60mm
Distance between bending specimen: 100-480mm 100-660mm 100-700mm
Size of shearing specimen: #10mm #10mm #10mm
Dimension of main frame : 640W550W1800mm 900W600W2200mm 1060W760W2400mm
Motor ranting: 1.5kW, triphase 1.65kW, triphase 2.25kW, triphase